A bit about Our current Ministerial Status:

The Presbytery of Hamilton has appointed the Rev. Emma Duncan as the "Interim Moderator" of this congregation and Rev. Dr. Ian McPhee as "Stated Supply Minister"

See the "Contact Us" page for Rev. Duncan's amd Rev. McPhee's contact information.

          Stated Supply Minister Rev. Dr. Ian McPhee

West Flamboro Prestyberian Church welcomed Rev. McPhee as our Stated Supply Minister as of September 1, 2018. Ian brings a wealth of experience to this role. Ian taught history for two years at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, following the completion of his doctorate in history at Cambridge University.

Ian also has many years experience in the business world on Bay Street and in the publishing industry.

Originally ordained in the Baptist Convention of Ontario in 1974, Ian was accepted into the Presbyterian Church in 1992 after completing the denomination requirements of one year at Knox College in Toronto and one year in pastoral counselling. He served at Erskine Presbyterian Church in Hamilton for 24 years and served as the Interim Moderator at West Flamboro in 1998.

Ian was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada at the age of 18. He and his wife, Gail, have recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and together, they have 6 children and 13 grandchildren. Ian enjoys travelling, golfing, biking, and reading a good murder mystery.

The role of Session in our Church:

Leadership in the Presbyterian Church includes both minister and elected leaders, who are called elders. Collectively, we call these men and women who serve the church as leaders "The Session."
The minister is referred to as "The Moderator of Session" whenever Session Meetings are held. There must be a "Moderator" present in order to hold a properly constituted Session Meeting. Session is responsible for spiritual oversight of the congregation and meets regularly. Presently there are seven elders on our leadership team.

Each elder is assigned a group of persons from the congregation and is responsible for any pastoral care for that group. Refer to the hard copy of the Church Directory for persons assigned to each elder.

The Presbyterian Church's "Book of Forms" gives very detailed information about the role, responsibilities and function of The Session in our Church. Please click on the link below to access a downloadable version of the latest issue of this Book which is readable with Adobe (PDF software).